A Contagious Emotion…

From Lisa F.

The first year I volunteered to be a shopper I was hooked. To see the excitement and joy the day brings to the children is magical. The second year I volunteered I asked my husband to join me. He was just as touched. That year we had a little boy we were shopping with. He was quiet, slender and timid. As we shopped, he asked if he could pick out items for his twin baby brother and sister, who were not on the shopping list. Of course we said yes. By the end of our time with him, he was holding my husband’s hand as we walked through the store. He was laughing, smiling and seemed really happy. We were sad our time was up and walked him to meet his teacher. That experience touched us so much, that we have been volunteering to be shoppers and donating resources ever since. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.

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